Review: Dolly Eye Pink Lenses from PinkyParadise

I was recently sent sponsored pair of circle lenses from PinkyParadise which I loved. When they heard that I wanted to use the same pair for an upcoming cosplay of Yuno Gasai they were kind enough to send me another pair.

For Yuno I chose the EOS Dolly Eye Pink which have a cutesy adorableness to them that I though would fit the character perfectly and when applied to a real person might be just the right amount of off putting XD. What do you think?


Initial impression:

Just like I’ve come to expect from PinkyParadise, I got the package in about two weeks. It was well wrapped as I expected and came with an adorable elephant themed lens case.


The lenses themselves came packed packed in liquid and look every bit as good as expected.


The lenses themselves came packed packed in liquid and look every bit as good as expected.655c7f09-9696-4521-87ad-97dee74374c0.jpg

I love that they came these really cute stickers and surprises which makes everything feel extra special.  I love when companies do these little extras to show they appreciate their customers ❤

So now the most important part. lets try them on.


Yes! such a great look! …compare the picture above from their site to how they look on me in real life. Here’s a before and after so you can also see how much it changes my eyes.


Overall Impressions:

Again I’m really happy with these lenses. The color stands out so well even against my dark eyes which isn’t the case with all lenses. I’m really starting to love pinky paradises lenses as they seem better quality than the others I’ve tried. at once you get used to them they are more comfortable too. I could wear them all day at a con and not have to worry about them.

But ultimately for me as a cosplayer it’s all about the final look, these lenses deliver on that more than any I’ve ever tried. They aren’t meant to look natural so the strong effect is what I was hoping for. I cant wait to see how the look under the studio lights.  Once I make the shoot I’ll update this with more professional pics so any of you with a professional set up can see the result.

Lens Info

Brand / EOS 
Origin / South Korea
Diameter / 14.2mm
Base Curve / 8.6mm
Water Content / 38%
Life Span / Yearly
Prescription / -0.00

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