REVIEW: Geo Elamis from Pinkyparadise

I want to give a big thanks to PinkyParadise who has been sending me contacts for review and for my cosplays. The latest ones I’ve received are these Geo Elamis which a a softer more subtle affect than some of the ones I’ve been getting… I thought they would be perfect for everyday wear. lets take a look…wer


This is the feel that they should have softer and real with just enough pop to make draw attention.


Just like I’ve come to expect from PinkyParadise, I got the package in about two weeks. It was well wrapped and came with all the sweet little goodies that they love to include… like cute themed lens cases and temporary tattoos. Just the little extra mile to take care of their costumers.c47696e5-62c0-416c-8d96-13fe4c331325.jpg


The lenses themselves came in individual boxes with the lenses packaged in a bit of solution to keep them moist.



The most important part in the end is how they look when you put them on.  I ended up getting 3 different color variations so lets look at each one. starting with my baseline color so you can see the difference they made.




These were my favorite of the colors I tried. My eyes are already brown and I really like them, but this bring a brighter honeyed color that I love. I don’t usually wear contacts except in my cosplays but this is the first pair I’ve had that I would absolutely wear out from time to time.



These Grey ones turned out to have another cool effect. Such a natural grey look. they are even more stunning in real life. Gets my mind thinking about where I can use them.



The Blue ones ended up being my least favorite of the set. Still good, but with my eyes the dark brown shows through in a few places and they don’t quite feel as natural as the others. You can see it in the picture below.



These lenses may end up getting more use than any of the ones I’ve had before. I’m really impressed with the amount of color change they were able to produce. They are very well suited to a real life look when you want your eyes to call that extra bit of attention but still feel like you. but the effect is striking enough that they may even get some use in cosplays when the right character comes up.  Like all the lenses I’ve tried from PinkyParadise they are very high quality and comfortable enough to wear all day. If you like the look you should definitely try them out.


Brand / Geo
Diameter: 14.2mm
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 3 Months Disposable
Prescription / -0.00

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