Review: Custom Cindy Aurum Boots from EZCosplay

I make a lot of my own costumes and props but nowadays I do so much cosplay that I have to find some of my costumes from different stores and makers. but that gives me a chance to share some of my experiences with you. Todays review is for a set of custom made boots Cindy Aurum boots from EZCosplay.


First off, I should say that these boots were sponsored but only after I scoured the internet for the best boots out there and EZCosplay was willing to take a chance on me. Even before I held them I researched and thought these were the best Cindy Aurum boots out there.


The look is perfect, the details are spot on, the zipper on the side means I can get them just a bit tighter… but the factor that made me most excited them is that for their already affordable price they will actually custom tailor them to your size. I’ve been dissatisfied so many times with other companies that take a standard sizing approach. If you’ve bout many costumes you know that some of them even list the sizes and the costumes are still so inconsistent that they don’t fit accurately. Here I can chose not only size, but also the exact size of my calf and So the fact that these are custom built to my measurement is HUGE!


They took about 2 weeks to arrive which is incredible considering that they are custom made. And I have to say they look great, fit great, feel great. I’m honestly so happy with these. I ordered them a little large around the calf cause they have to fit pants underneath and well… they are cowboy boots. I can’t wait to get them into the studio for some professional pics but for now let me show you what I have.



I really couldn’t be much happier with these boots. They are surprisingly good quality for costume boots, especially at the price they were asking. They will look perfect in the photoshoot this month and I could easily wear them all day at a con. And with the custom fitting they will work just as well for anyone. These come highly reccomended by me if you are looking for Cindy boots. It’s my firs experience with EZCosplay and its so much better than some of the other companies I’ve tried I’m already thinking about what to get from them next.


If you are looking for these particular boots you can get them here. And while you are there check out their other offerings. They were kind enough to offer a discount to all of my followers, just use coupon code: “Mir” at checkout!

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