I’m an independent cosplay model, cosmaker and online content creator. I live in Madrid and have been here my entire life, spending countless hours as a young girl daydreaming of living in a fantasy world and exploring it through imagination and role play, that’s how I taught myself English.

Part of my vivid imagination has always inspired me to cosplay, and I fell in love with this amazing community. Seriously, you guys are crazy, but in the good way! My first cosplay ever was Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, and I’ve crafted dozens of costumes ever since, getting professional photo shoots taken by my friend and amazing photographer José Manchado. Check out his work: www.josemanchado.com

I used to cosplay as a hobby and with a few people like José that have been wonderful along the way, but the response I’ve gotten has been so encouraging and positive that I decided to start a Patreon account and a professional career as a cosplayer. Cosplay is expensive, and if I want to keep doing it and get better and better every time, I need your help. I would appreciate support in any form: kind words on social media, cute messages, donations… whatever you can do. Even the smallest supporter will get access to my Discord channel where I can share my tips and tricks and keep you up to date on all the projects I have going on, and of course, to get to know the amazing people who want to be part of this adventure.

Happy cosplaying, and see you at the con!